First Publications on I-dOne

First Publications on I-dOne 🗓️ 26 SEPTEMBER Rapid bacterial identification from positive blood cultures by infrared spectroscopy using short-term incubation  74th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology e.V. (DGHM) 5–7 September 2022 Berlin.  “Off-label” trial study (not present in the current intended use) conducted by the team of Prof Wendel of the…

NEW installation of HB&L at the National Medical Research Center, Moscow

Installation of HB&L at the National Medical Research Center. Academician Burdenko, Moscow   Started another new study of HB&L analyzer at the National Medical Research Center. Academician Burdenko, Moscow.   The purposes of the clinical evaluation are:   Rapid screening of cerebrospinal fluid Rapid screening of urine Rapid formation of microorganism yield for further investigation and application,…

Urine screening with HB&L analyzer at Helix laboratory in Yekaterinburg, Russia

HB&L: automation and standardization of urine culture   The Helix Laboratories Services unified the approach for the automation and standardization of the URINE COLTURE screening with the HB&L analyzer across all of its locations. Following the laboratories of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Helix equipped his bacteriological laboratory with another HB&L analyzer in Yekaterinburg.     Helix Laboratories

ALIFAX is now MDSAP certified

We are pleased to announce that Alifax S.r.l. has just obtained the MDSAP certificate by TUV SUD America Inc, that qualifies our Quality Management System compliant with the IVD-related regulations of the 5 countries adhering to the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP): Australia TGA Brazil ANVISA Health Canada USA FDA Japan MHLW/PMDA