Next-Generation Identification

Thanks to the ATR-FTIR technology, I-dOne identifies the bacterial spectra, which can be considered as the molecular fingerprint of microorganisms

I-dOne library

95% of the clinically relevant species detected


Over 50.000 spectra collected


Library in continuous upgrading


Reagent free
No sample pre-treatment
User-friendly interface
Easy cleaning procedure
No mechanical maintenance


*from sample deposition to aquisition and identification

Attenuated Total Reflection - Fourier Transform Infra-Red

I-dOne analyses the spectrum produced by the interaction between intact microbial cells and IR light through the vibrational state of their chemical bonds.  Each species produces a unique fingerprint-like FTIR spectrum

Results are reported as Microorganism ID along with relative score that represents the reliability of the identification to known vibrational profiles  of species present in the reference database

spettro idone positivo


Licensing system for the management of credits: pay per ID

Remote assistance service by VPN access

Smart and intuitive wizard

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