The complete solutions for the laboratory automation of Rapid Urine Screening and Human Biological Liquid Bacterial Culture along with the Residual Antimicrobial Activity testing, Susceptibility testing, and Petri dish streaking, providing: FAST and RELIABLE RESULTS, METHOD STANDARDIZATION and SAMPLE TRACEABILITY



The pandemic overshadows the problem of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), as well as other issues, but the spread of MDROs has not faded into the background. On the contrary, various concomitant and consequent factors including hospital overcrowding, surface disinfection practices, decrease in diagnostic surveillance as well as the widespread use of antibiotics for the treatment of secondary infections, have contributed to the increase in nosocomial resistance and vanished the efforts of the antibiotic stewardship programs.

Fast and accurate diagnostics is a key component of addressing SEPSIS Improvement Programs and Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs to fight resistance and optimize outcomes.

New kits for the phenotypic test on positive blood culture and swab for MRSA, CRE, ESBL/AmpC and VRE in a few hours.

FAST urine culture with Light Scattering technology

The rapid urine culture test provides results in 3 hours with high sensitivity and specificity compared to the reference method

The Alifax analyzers, using the patented technology based on light scattering, monitor the intense bacteria replication activity from the inoculum step into the specific culture broth providing real-time growth curves

Only living bacteria are detected while interferences from non-replicating substances such as erythrocytes, leucocytes, dead cells and salts present in the sample are eliminated during the initial zero reading

Human biological liquids culture

Improving the inpatient diagnostic management to reduce hospitalization time, analysis requests and therapeutic treatments

The rapid analysis of human biological liquids is decisive to the inpatient for whom the timely correct diagnosis and the beginning of an adequate therapy in most cases represent the only way to survive

Sterile and nonsterile endocavitary samples such as cerebrospinal fluid, synovial and pleural fluid are tested in a specific enriched broth in a few hours and within the working day

Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing in only 3 or 5 hours

In cases of serious bacterial infections, the timely administration of an effective antibiotic therapy is associated with an increase in disease resolution and subsequent patient survival

Alifax Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST) provides “clinically useful results” in order to guide the clinician to choose the most appropriate antibiotic therapy improving critically ill patient management and facilitating the outcome

Thanks to the light–laser–scattering based analyzers, the effectiveness of a customized antibiotic panel is available 24-48 hours sooner than traditional methods


Microbiological Suitability Test

Sterility testing is an essential procedure to certify microbiological control of transplantation tissue as cornea from the donor (transportation and storage liquid) or pharmaceutical preparations. Nevertheless, “conventional microbiological methods are slow and results from those methods seldom enable proactive corrective action to be taken”

Along with the HB&L CULTURE KIT Alifax proposes the HB&L SABOURAUD KIT and HB&L ANAEROBE KIT  for fungi and anaerobe bacteria detection, to assess the microbiological suitability of substances, preparations or formulations produced using aseptic procedures

Light Laser Scattering technology solutions

Alifax has developed and patented automated instruments and specific kits for bacterial detection in different samples starting from the need for a diagnostic method that meets the main requirement of rapidity and standardization. HB&L, Alfred 60/AST, and Sidecar through the light scattering technology, detect in a few hours the presence of micro-organisms responsible for infectious pathologies and their drug resistance with high sensitivity and specificity


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