New solutions for the challenge

Sepsis is a constantly increasing health emergency, linked to multiresistance and hospital infections, with a high cost impact for the healthcare system

Early diagnosis can lower sepsis-related deaths, in case of sepsis, for every hour of inappropriate therapy, mortality rises by 7,5%

(Kumar, Crit Care Med 2006; 34: 1589-96 (10))

There is a medical needs for new tools


and SEPSIS panel

Qualitative and fast analysis of target molecules

through real-time PCR and ready-to-use cartridges


Multi Drug Resistant Organisms phenotypic tests

on positive blood culture for MRSA, CRE, ESBL/AmpC and VRE

in about 4 hours



Laser Light Scattering technology solutions

Fast microbiological diagnostics are needed to ensure early targeted antimicrobial treatment in sepsis

RAP MIC allows the microbiologist to define the customized antibiotic panel according to Gram staining or rapid ID, with I-dOne, clinician’s input and patient’s specific needs


Next generation microorganism identification

in 1 minute

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