More than 30 years in diagnostic innovation solutions

Our inception came about in Padua, in 1988, as a result of our innovation-focused vision,
and it is thanks to this foundational principle that we now embody innovation itself

Intuition, entrepreneurship and innovation: the values that led Dr Paolo Galiano to utilise his decades-long experience in laboratory diagnostics to found Alifax, a revolutionary company, that is now one of the leading international players in the haematology, microbiology, molecular biology, serology and autoimmunity fields

Our history and successes

Alifax has always focused on new products and innovation, thanks to continuous stimuli which are essential for this sector

TEST1 is one of our first great successes: back in the 90s, it completely revolutionised the way in which the erythrocyte sedimentation rate was analysed, by retrieving reliable results in just 20 seconds, thanks to quantitative capillary photometry

This patented technology can now be found in over 10,000 installations worldwide and has resulted in a considerable expansion – even on the foreign markets – by means of the industry’s largest multinational companies

Our commitment for a better quality of life

At Alifax, every project is started remembering that there is a person behind every sample. We know that lives can be saved by reducing diagnostic times, and therefore, we are constantly committed to this objective

For us here at Alifax, innovation means reducing hospitalisation times and improving patient quality of life

Ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere grandi persone,
capaci di insegnare ma anche di ascoltare
Scienziati dotati di onestà intellettuale
Il mio credo è esistere, e nel mondo industriale,
significa creare un progetto vincente

Paolo Galiano – Founder


We work together to optimise your laboratory

Our products are designed and tested at length. When designing and developing products, we constantly collaborate with our customers to understand how the product will be used on a daily basis in their laboratories, in addition to their needs and requirements

For this reason, we offer them technological solutions that are ever easier to use: we know how important it is to optimise laboratory space and time

Alifax: an efficient service, whatever the situation

We love to build lasting relationships with the companies that choose us; as a result,
we are able to offer a well-organised, efficient service that meets the customers’ needs, and provide a prompt and fully-operational after-sales support service, thanks to our team of highly qualified specialists

Alifax’s global presence

We currently boast 3 headquarters in Italy (Polverara, Nimis and Trieste), 5 international subsidiaries (Moscow, Shanghai, Göppingen, Barcelona and São Paulo) and we export to over 130 countries.


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