Video Channel Russia 1 – HB&L installation at regional Children’s Hospital in Tomsk in Siberia

The representative office of Alifax in Russia installed the HB&L Light analyzer in the Regional Children’s Hospital in Tomsk in Siberia ( on the eve of Christmas, December 12, 2019 in a festive atmosphere of the celebration of 90 years of the hospital.

Raisa Gerasimova, Head of the bacteriology laboratory, one of the major bacteriologist of the Russian Federation, express immediately her feedback about the device. “This is awesome!” – she said in her interview with the journalist for the national television Channel Russia 1 – “Now we can significantly simplify the routine workflow, accelerate the result obtaining of on negative samples, and also improve the timing on positive samples, including identification and the test for sensitivity to antibiotics.”

At the present time the laboratory is focusing on Alifax system through Urine and RAA protocols. In the near future the laboratory intends to improve the human biological fluid culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing in order to establish itself as a laboratory with fast solutions in bacteriology diagnostics.

The Regional State Autonomous Healthcare Institution “Regional Children’s Hospital” is a multidisciplinary medical institution in the Tomsk Region that provides qualified and highly specialized medical care to the children’s population that serve 20 000 people annually with about 700 thousand tests. The hospital includes two outpatient departments, a department for pediatric pathology of newborns, a department for the second stage of premature babies nursing, and pediatric endocrinology that serve the entire Tomsk region. In addition, the institution has been improved with infectious-pediatric, nephrological, neuropsychiatric, gastroenterologydepartments and a school of diabetes.

See the VIDEO at the following link(time 7min. 29 sec.)

Вести-Томск, выпуск 20.40 от 13.12.2019 – YouTube

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