Accelerated bacteriological examination of urine and dialysate in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections in children

doi: 10.34215/1609-1175-2023-1-55-58


A new Russian paper published in the Pacific Medical Journal dedicated to Alifax Microbiology Line solutions: Urine screening, Dialysate culture and Residual Antimicrobial Activity (RAA) testing.

The study, from January to September 2019, evaluates the fast cultural method using the HB&L Uroquattro Light for the determination of the infection etiology in urine and dialysate and evaluates the Residual Antimicrobial Activity (RAA) in those samples.

Materials and methods: The total samples analyzed were 106 urine and 42 dialysates from children with various urinary pathologies and those on peritoneal dialysis, with the Laser light scattering technology in comparison with the classical cultural method

Conclusion: The Laser light scattering technology is able to detect even a small number of microorganisms faster than the traditional culture method and with the same accuracy, which is crucial for a faster diagnosis of urinary tract infections and peritoneal dialysis complications in children.


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