Alifax Molecular Mouse revolutionizes the diagnosis and treatment of bloodstream infections


Key Highlights of the publication:

  • Rapid Detection: The Molecular Mouse system can identify pathogens and resistance genes from blood cultures within just an hour, significantly faster than traditional methods.
  • High Accuracy: Demonstrated high accuracy in identifying bacteria and resistances, with consistent results compared to conventional culture methods and MALDI-TOF.
  • Clinical Impact: The new rapid molecular system turned out to be decisive in 58/95 (61.1%) patients, thus determining a substantial change compared to an inadequate antimicrobial therapy or providing useful information for setting targeted therapy. Of these, 26/58 (44.8%) cases, the therapeutic change was determined by the detection of resistance genes.

The Molecular Mouse system is a game-changer in the management of sepsis and other critical infections, helping to fight the growing threat of multidrug-resistant organisms.

Read the full publication here:


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