Evaluation of an automated rapid urine culture method for urinary tract infection: Comparison with the gold standard conventional culture method



Conducted in India and published in the Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists)

In this study, 1220 urine samples were analyzed with HB&L Uroquattro in comparison with conventional culture with CLED media plates, in hopes of reducing the costs associated with negative cultures and providing a negative report within 5H.

There are many advantages to the use of Light Laser Scattering system that can have a significant impact on rapid confirmation and exclusion of UTI, with a great impact on antimicrobial stewardship especially in tertiary care centers where urine samples provide a maximum load to the microbiology lab.

  • High performances: HB&L has a high NPV 96.6% and Sensitivity 92.66%, at 100–999 CFU/ml
  • Time reduction: time-saving of 19H for the negative samples with HB&L vs the conventional methods, which can be reported within 5H and total time-saving of 22 H considering also the reduced workload only for positive
  • Lower manpower: the time-consuming process of streaking and examining cultures is reduced from the routine workload by focusing only on positive samples
  • Save costs: 50% reduction in cost factors including media, culture plates, autoclave expenses, incubator expenses, etc.
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